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On the coast, we believe in dining al fresco on a weeknight, that the best wall art is the sunset through a perfectly-placed window, that Saturday should always be slow, and that homes are meant to be truly lived in. The natural beauty of the California coast inspires a lifestyle that is at once relaxed and intentional⁠—a lifestyle in which busy days melt into sandy evenings and you don't have to go further than a few blocks to escape from your everyday.

At Graham Hill Design, the spaces we create embody that coastal spirit⁠. They're organic, welcoming, and effortless⁠. We call it laid-back luxury, marrying the best elements of modern functionality, timeless design, and the lifestyles of our clients. Our full-service design studio serves clients in Santa Cruz and the Bay Area.

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Graham Hill Design is a full-service interior design studio serving clients in Santa Cruz and the Bay Area⁠—and beyond via distance design. We specialize in creating spaces that elevate everyday living.

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