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While I've tackled the remodel of just about everything inside and outside of my own home, I've been saving our guest bath for (almost) last. Much like the rest of the house when we first moved in, this room is very dated, but because it's at least somewhat neutral with mostly white tile, it was functional and fell lower on my list of priorities. However, all this extra time at home has me itching for my next project.

Bathroom Remodel Project Background

I'm grateful that our home has 3 full bathrooms. Our first home was a two bedroom, one bath so we were pretty thrilled to have more than one, especially with two daughters! This guest bath is a REALLY hard working room which serves several functions. It not only serves as a the bathroom guests would use, but also serves as my tween daughter's bathroom as it's directly across the hall from her bedroom, plus our laundry closet is also located in there AND there is a sliding door through the shower that leads outside to our pool. So, I guess you can call this a guest/kids/laundry room/pool bath! Crazy, but now you know what I meant by hard-working.

The good news is that the updates are all aesthetic. I won't be changing the layout because it functions well as is. I'll be taking the opportunity to update our washer and dryer and probably will also replace the slider out to the pool because I would hate to have to rip that out later after the bathroom is done. I love that feature by the way, so that kids don't have to track wet feet from the pool onto the hard wood floors.

Bathroom Design Plans

Most designers I know are great with clients, but have trouble making decisions on their own homes, and I'm no exception. We just see and love too much! That said, I've narrowed it down to three designs below and I have a couple of "must-haves". First, I know for sure I want white painted horizontal ship-lap siding on the walls. Our house has a relaxed coastal vibe and crisp white horizontal paneling works perfectly for that. I want to save money by keeping a shower curtain instead of installing glass for the shower. Again since this is also a pool bath, the relaxed vibe of a shower curtain is fine. And, finally, the flooring needs to be either patterned or darker than what's there now, to stand up to high traffic and footprints coming and going from the pool.

Overall, I want the bathroom to tie to the rest of our home, but also I think a guest bath is a fun place to show off some style. My own personal style is pretty classic and I love subtle details so when I say style, it's still fairly low-key. All three of my options are variations on classic, coastal with a little modern cottage twist.

And here they are:

Option 1

This classic option is where I started. I have always loved a slate tile set in a herringbone pattern. I would probably use that pattern on the shower floor and set the larger tiles on the main bath floor. The wood vanity adds warmth while the white paneling and white tile will keep it light and give it a sort of modern-cottage feel.

Option 2

I love the little dash of coastal color for the custom vanity in this option. I'd tie it in with a classic penny tile on the shower floors. I adore the subtle black and white star pattern on this tile for the flooring.

Option 3

This third option is all about a vintage cottage vibe based around warm, natural tones. I started with with this pretty star & cross tile and built from there. I think it would be charming with a white vanity, linen shower curtain, penny tile and some vintage art.

I love all of these designs, but the final decision may come down to cost. I'm currently getting bids for the work and sourcing pricing and samples for the finishes. I'll link as many sources as I can once the final design comes together.


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