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It’s time to usher in warm days with our must-have list for May. Mother’s day is this weekend, and even though we’re all still in quarantine, we’ll find ways to honor the mothers in our lives and hopefully the weather will be as nice for you as it’s been around here. I think this time is forcing people to get back to what’s important, slow down, be more creative with their gift giving and celebrations. I baked my first ever home-made bread which, since it was a sourdough, turned out to be a lot more work than I bargained for, but it was an interesting process and I certainly had the time for it. I was proud of how it turned out and it was delicious.This weekend I’m planning to support some local businesses by asking my kids to get me take-out breakfast from one of my favorite local restaurants. I’m also buying a gift for my own mother from my favorite local store where they are offering curb-side pick-up and free roses with purchase. And I plan to spend time by our pool just being grateful for the nice weather and for not having to rush off to anywhere because when this is all over, that is something I will truly miss.

And now for the things I have my eye on…

This pretty beehive citronella burner from Farmhouse Pottery is a stylish way to keep the mosquitos away.  Sorry for the cheesy rhyme!

Fresh Sea Salt is my favorite candle scent for spring and summer. You can find that scent in a variety of containers, but I love the color of these pretty tumbled glass versions.

The McGee & Co. summer collection is out and as always, I have a few things on my list like this brushed alabaster bowl.

I also love this new pillow with it’s soft floral print. It’s feminine and organic, but not too frilly.

Have you ever tried Turkish towels? These are super light weight, quick to dry, and take up less space than a normal towel.

I’m in love with this sweet eyelet dress.  It’s so airy and summary, even though I’m sure I’d spill something on it immediately!

Last but not least, this is a great little essential garden tool set.

Happy May!

- XO Kerry


Cover Image via Rita Chan Interiors.


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