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Project Reveal: Edgewood -- The Bedrooms

It’s time to share the final reveal of our Edgewood project. If you missed

parts one and two, be sure to catch up. Now, in today’s post, we’re sharing

the primary bedroom and two guest bedrooms that you won’t want to miss. Scroll on for more.

The Primary Bedroom

The goal for the primary bedroom space was to make it feel like a hotel retreat and we did this by enveloping the room in earthy texture and muted tones of blue. We wrapped all the windows in soft custom roman blinds and drapery, layered the bed in cozy linens and incorporated our clients rug which was passed down to them as a family heirloom.

Guest Room I - Twin Beds

The homeowner let us know that family is important to them and that they wanted comfortable rooms for guests, especially their young nephews and nieces. Kids grow up fast and we didn’t want them to outgrow this room. The muted shibori wall coverings, classic spindle beds and woven shades keep it stylish from young to old-er. We try not to play favorites, but this bedroom may be an exception.

Guest Bedroom II

This guest room is a refuge for readers with ample light and plenty of bedside space for a stack of books. It wouldn’t be a GHD project without our signature mix of old and new. Our client's vintage leather chair has the perfect amount of patina and plays beautifully with the linen and softer palette of the space.


It was bitter sweet coming to the end of this project. We so enjoyed creating a home for this lovely couple who were were so patient and gracious during the inevitable furniture delays caused by the supply chain crisis.

If you'd like help with own remodel, you can inquire about our services here.

Photography: SEN Creative


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